Inbox subfolders gone north!

I have started using eM today, and would wish to have access to all my previous emails. When I provided all the required information, I had got access to my Inbox mails, but not the ones on its subfolders.

Hi. I’m having the exact same problem. I upgraded to version 6 and open the eM Client, all emails are gone. Except to stay in the inbox. My mail_data.dat (C:\Users\Janilson\AppData\Roaming\eM Client) is to 1.746GB. This gives me hope I will get recover my data.

I am concerned, has too much work and too much time there. Never again I will update again eM Client. How can release an update with a bug so serious?

Please, someone help me!

ps. I am use Windows 7 x64.

Hi, can I ask you what protocol and what emails service provider do you use? I need to be sure that this issue is same like other users has.