Inbox sub folders missing

Version 7.2.34137.0

Account is a Microsoft and I think is POP3.

Until today I had a folder tree under Inbox of many subfolders. These have always synched with no problem. Now they are not there.

If I log onto Outlook online then the folders are all present and correct.

I am receiving and sending email okay.

I have restarted EMCient, restarted the laptop, manually synched but they are still missing.

When I do a manual synch the unread email counter in the inbox slowly counts up and then always pops a notification up of a received email - but it is one I received in 2017! It happens to be the oldest email in my inbox.

Any ideas?

Five hours and many synchs later it has now pulled in the subfolders! Weird.

Hi Reg,

This might be just a temporary server maintenance done by mail server. If the problem doesn’t reappear, I’d say it’s nothing unusual. However, as your account is set as POP3, we recommend setting a regular backup in Menu > Tools > Backup for POP3 accounts.