Inbox showing unread when all have been read

I have read all my messages in my Inbox but it is still showing 4 unread messages - ie the number 4 is shown next to the Inbox. I am running the version 7 beta version. I cannot get rid of the number 4. Any suggestions?

Hello Lee,
this is unfortunately still a bug that we are working on.
If you want to help in troubleshooting this issue, please ZIP your database folder and send it to with a link to this forum thread in the body of the message.
Your database location can be found in Tools>Settings>General>Storage section.
Please save the database folder when eM Client is closed.


I am also experiencing this issue, thank you.

+1.  If EM Client registers the message as new, then I go in and delete the message using my online portal (gmail) then the message deletes from my inbox in EM Client but I still have the indicator that I have 1 unread message.