Inbox hiding emails under different contacts emails

I have a small business and get online orders regularly. They go to my website and fill out the orders and they get sent to my inbox. They obviously all have the same subject line since they are sent by my web server/website. EM Client sees them as coming from the same place (my website) so when I get more than one, even if it’s from a different day, it stacks them under only one customer’s name. So if i get 5 orders, it only displays one of them, the first one from days ago while the newest gets stacked under the older one, making it seem as if there are no new ones. The only way I discovered the new ones is from the little itty bitty square box with a number in it. It cant be larger than 1/8" x 1/8". When I clicked that, a bunch of orders was hiding under it, and then it expanded showing me the orders I was unaware of.

How can I keep them from auto-stacking? I want them to each be their own message in my inbox so I don’t have to search for emails that have that little toggle switch that has to be manually switched so I can see my new orders. I want each order to have its own message line always.

Menu > View > Conversations > Disable Conversations.

What does that mean? Disable conversations? How does that stop my inbox from stacking and hiding new emails under another contact’s email?

What you are describing is a conversation, so disable it.