Inbox from Microsoft Store version of emClient keeps disappearing

I had a version of emClient for a few years and then had to recover my PC because of a virus.  I did a Microsoft Windows 10 Reset this PC with the option of saving my own files.  When it reset, my problem disappeared, but I had to restore programs that didn’t come with the PC - emClient was one of those.  I thought I’d try out restoring from the Microsoft Store.  It did download and install, but I couldn’t get it to work properly - I could restore the database from the lasts backup it created and the new mail from my server was added to it.  When I exited emClient and went back in, there was no inbasket mail - it disappeared.  So I did the same thing, with the same result.  Tried all kinds of thoughts from the help and searches.  I wanted to uninstall with an uninstall program, but interestingly it couldn’t find it.  I deleted it via Windows and then installed from the site and it worked fine.  I brought back the old database via Menu>File>Restore just fine and then it added the new mail from the server.  When I got back out and back in, everything was there.  I’m guessing there’s a problem with the product from Microsoft, maybe one they even created themselves so you wouldn’t want to use emClient anymore.  I wanted to send this directly to emClient, but it seems there isn’t a way to contact them directly.  I’d like to know what the problem is and some solution.  Thanks.

The Microsoft Store version is a few releases behind the current release, so it may be something that has since been fixed in the other version available from the eM Client web site.

Version 8 is about to be released, with many fixes, and you can download that from the Release History if you want to give it a go.