inbox folder empty

All the emails have disappeared from my inbox.  I use IMAP.  

Hi Karen, what version of eM Client are you currently using? What mail service are you using?
Can you see the messages in your webmail?

Thank you,

Hi Paul,

For some reason the emails have all returned :) 

It happens to me too. But not in INBOX, in another folder (not only one, more). In some minutes eM started synchronization and emails are back … Sometimes it happens.
I do not know why, I can not induce it again. 

Similar problem - move folder with messages. Sometimes it is ok - folder on new location has emails and on old position dissapear. Sometimes not - new folder has the same messages (duplicated), or has only subset (but still duplicated). I don’t know why … No errors visible in eM or on server.
I think, your system is: copy all emails to new location and after completed delete old messages. In some moment it stop work … and messages exist in two copies.

After move folder I wait to next synchronization interval. Problem still exists, nothing corrected.

I turn on logging, but after that everything working fine …

Version 6.0.20617 on Courier-IMAP.

Hi Martin, Hi Karen, it seems like this might be an issue of eM Client, we’re currently looking into this issue and hopefully it will be resolved soon.

Sorry for the inconvenience, I’ll keep you posted when a new update is released.

Thank you for understanding,

I am very close to throwing my computer through one of YOUR “windows”
This program shuts my computer down OFTEN OFTEN OFTEN…when I FINALLY get back I have lost emails…when I am deleting emails I get a BE PATIENT pop up telling me it will take a while to delete one friggen email…it’s been over an hour now
very angry…EVERY morning…I do not know how to save my emails to get rid of your program!!!


Hi Jennifer, please I don’t believe your computer shuts down due to our application, is the application crashing or can you please comment on the behavior of the application?
What version of eM Client are you currently using?

Thank you,

yes…the computer shuts down… ONLY when email is open…NEVER shuts down if I keep it closed…sometimes it shuts down repeatedly sometimes it takes a few hours…the machine shuts down…no warning, no message, no crash…just turns off…I turn it back on and sometimes it goes right back to what I was doing…sometimes I have to log back on…positively NOT a computer MO. ONLY when email is open…if I shut email off it will stay on ALL DAY!!!
don’t tell me you don’t believe me!

It would seem very odd that eM Client would cause the computer to shut off, are you seeing any errors, crash reports, when this occurs?
Are you able to replicate this issue, does it occurs everytime you open the application or does it take a while before this occurs?

What version of eM Client do you have currently installed on your computer? (You can check this in Help > About).

Thank you,

I ́m using emclient v. 6.0.20631.0 and when start the program the messages disapearing. I exit emclent and I turn on and the messages returned.

Hi Carlos, please try to update to this version of eM Client , and check if the issue occurs again.
The issue should be fixed in this update hopefully.

Thank you and sorry for the inconvenience,

I am using 6.0.20617.0   I have hired someone to come out today and see what the heck this is…no warning…no message,Computer just shuts off…I turn it back on. Usually that take 5-20 tries…it ONLY happens when my email is open. Sometimes right away sometimes after a while. Sometimes the screen shows right where I left off (nothing lost) and sometimes I need to repair…(things lost) usually NEW emails I was beginning to look at are GONE
2 times my in box was wiped out

Hi Jenifer,

Which operating system are you using?

How much RAM memory do you have?

Do you use a lot of other software besides eM Client?

It sounds to me that there is something wrong with your RAM modules.

Which version of Internet Explorer are you using?

Maybe an update of your graphical drivers might help.

I update to version 20648 and seems ok.
Thanks Paul.

Glad it works, let us know if you come across any other issues or questions, we’ll be happy to help.

Thank you,