Inbox emails have disappeared!!!

Hi, I have em Client set-up. I use it for my personal account. My ISP is BT. Recently I added my work account as well. It worked fine for both my personal and work account. However recently I left work and my password was naturally blocked. I wanted to transfer all work emails (Inbox) to my my personal account. So I created a sub folder in my personal Inbox and moved my emails from my work Inbox to this subfolder. It didn’t work! I also have Thunderbid set up and what happened was that under my Inbox (Thunderbird)  it had created a subfolder and moved some of my work emails.So where are the rest of the emails? Please help!

The default setting for eM Client is to store the message content on the server and just keep the header on the computer. That means that if you are not connected to the work server, you will not see the message body. So that is why, unless you can log in to your business account, moving or copying the messages to another folder should no longer work. The exception may be if you had previously configured your IMAP account to store the messages on your computer for offline use.

It may not be ethical, but for the future, moving the work messages should be done before the account is blocked.