Inbox doesn't idisplay properly

I have the setting ticked for new messages on the bottom. Instead, they are on the top an when I click on one, it flips to the bottom. When I delete it, I have to go back to the top. What’s up with that? I’ve repaired the inbox with no result. Also this is the only folder that has this problem

Did you try changing the order using the sort option in the column header?

Thanks for the info, but I don’t have anything that resembles sort on the column header. I did click on the exclamation symbol, and that fixed it. I had no clue what that was for, so thank you again for making me look into that column header.

You must have column headers in the message list. If you don’t then that is some other issue.

The red exclamation mark indicates that a connection to the IMAP server was lost. Could be caused by loss of Internet connection or server issue. Clicking on it does basically the same as the Refresh button. Glad it worked out for you.