Inbox delayed load of mail items with loading spinner (loads after 5 minutes) using Gmail


I am using eM mail client, on a Windows 10 laptop. I’ve added a couple of accounts and all mail folders work a charm apart from one mail account’s Inbox. Just this folder.

I have about 10k mail items within the Inbox, but what will happen is I will boot the software, and it will hang with the spinner loading on the Inbox. This lasts about 5 minutes. I am using Gmail and as mentioned, all other folders are working fine. I have also noticed that the CPU load from the software runs around 50-70% as well.

Any advice would be appreciated. 


The initial sync may take some time.

What you can try is to turn off conversations (Menu > View > Conversations) and see if that makes any difference, especially with CPU usage.

Hi Gary,

Thanks for the reply.

I did initially turn of the Conversations, as prefer the old style of messaging, still has high CPU loads unfortunately.

How long can the initial sync process take? I setup a day or so ago and the mailbox size is around 10k inbox (around 6GB) - its strange because I can go to the ‘All Mail’ folder and it loads all the items instantly. Just seems to be the actual Inbox folder for the account.


I don’t use GMail in eM Client because the tests I did with IMAP for that provider were not that encouraging for me. However, many do use it and it apparently works quite well. So I can’t say why it is slow for you, but maybe some other users will comment, especially when North America comes online in an hour or so. Jay Ogram might have some useful advice; he is on the West Coast, so maybe a bit later.

Super, thanks