Inbox Conversation View

I’ve seen this question asked a while ago, but have not seen a recent answer on it. Does eM Client have a conversation view–and if so, how do you enable it for the Inbox? I recently downloaded the client, and so far, my only complaint is that every email in an email string is separate, instead of in a conversation/tree view.

What is the most recent time line for this feature?

I am sorry, but the conversation view is not implemented yet. It will be available in the middle of year 2012.


George Wilson
eM Client

Still not available in the 5.0 beta. Bummer

We did not make it because of many other scheduled tasks. You can expect it in the next major release.

Did this feature not make it into 5.0 as planned? Or am I just missing it?

I am very sorry but version 5.0 does not contain this feature. It will be definitely implemented in version 6.

what will be the rough deadline? Thanks.

I am very sorry I cannot tell you any exact time frame of it.

It’s planned and promised since almost 3 years and there is no sign of it.
Why isn’t it planned and done since a lot of consumer are asking for it? And apparently it is not a big deal since almost all other email clients implement it and most IMAP servers do the calculations to get a message tree themselves. It’s normally just display work to do.
Besides that i really like this client but even the best product is nothing without a good support around it.

I totally understand you and we are aware that lot of people want this feature but we faced few complications and could not implement it as fast as we would like.

I’m sorry but 3 years!!! What happened??? Just saying your are facing complication is not enough. You have to explain why, what you will do and if we can expect this feature before 3 other years or if we should use an other client.
I totally understand you can have plenty of problems, but if you don’t play transparency and tell us what is going on, we just can’t understand that this feature takes 3 years to implement and we just get disappointed, frustrated and angry.

But you certainly have a rough plan for the new version? One month, half a year, … ? I am trying out some email clients right now. In almonst any other aspect eM Client is really great. But this feature is quite important to me, like to many others apparently…


I miss it too, just downloaded the client, this is the first big flaw.

Glad I came here was trying to find that option in the settings - now I know the rest of the story! Waiting 3 years? wow. Very hard to come from the Web gmail with conversations to this. Not sure if I’m going to stick with what otherwise seems like a very good local solution.

Anyone know of any other programs that has implemented conversation view?


Yes, Thunderbird by Mozilla is a great solution.
Get the following add-ons once installing it.
“Lightning” and “Provider for Google Calendar” for calendar integration
“Thunderbird Conversations” for the conversation view feature
“Google Contacts” or “gContactsSync” for contact integration

Finally found a client that can connect to my school’s antiquated Exchange 2003 server and WTF no conversation view? Is this client also from 2003?

Postbox (based on the now abandoned Thunderbird) has great support for conversations too. Overall I like the feel of the eM Client better but the lack of conversations is kind of a big turnoff.

Is there any update on the expected release of the conversation feature. I purchased a paid license for this software and the lack of conversations is a big issue. If it is not comming soon I would like to know how to get a refund as this is a show stopper.


Unfortunately current situation forced us to postpone this to later updates in 6th version of eM Client which is scheduled to be released in few weeks.