Inability to paste content into Contacts cards

I am not able to paste content into Contacts cards. This is making it impossible to copy/paste numbers and information into Contacts cards and is requiring that I re-type content. (I swear that I could do this previously.) I’m using v.6.0

Have you tried left ctrl-v?

I did try that… didn’t work! Thanks for the Reply.

this sounds very strange…it works for me…does this happen with existing accounts, new accounts or in both situations?

maybe the account is somehow ‘disabled’? (I don’t know whether this is possible at all, by the way).

Which operating system are you using?

Can you copy the text you want to copy into another program? In other words, are you sure the text is in the clipboard?

Hi, could you try to update your IE to latest version? 11th one usually helps with these issues in functions which are handled by IE’s core