In V5, Google Calendar Only Has One Appointment

When I started experiment with eM Client (40.15145.0) a few days ago, my Google calendar eventually was loaded. This morning (as a result of other problems – see my recent posts) I upgraded to 5.0.16979.0. Since that upgrade, only one appointment has been transferred from my Google calendar to eM Client; I believe that appointment was the most recent one added to the calendar (and happens to be for today).

Note that I am successfully receiving email sent to my .gmail account. That is, these messages are being put in my Global Inbox.

Also note, per the topic… , I have turned on Gdata and Network Communication logs, and then restarted eM Client.

Would you like these logs “Sent”? By the way, does sending these logs also include my Google password? If it does, I don’t completely object - I’m not thrilled - but I’d like to know… and will change my password after I’ve sent them.



I had a similar problem and fixed it by doing a repair on the google calendar account… Do a right-click on the account name in the left panel of the calendar view, then Properties, then Repair tab. It resynchs the whole calendar from the server.

@Mike Adams: did as you suggested, and that cleared up the problem.