in order to purchase your product one question

Going to purchase eM. However the search/find functions seems not working at all. It cannot show any results for any queries. (For example, if i do on Gmail directly on the website, no problem, but on eM it won’t) Why ? Before purchase, I need to confirm what’s wrong. [email protected]

Are you sure that all your messages have been downloaded? You can also try open the search details (by clicking on the little arrow in the search bar) and choose the option “Search in All folders”.

Thanks. my mistake. I checked at current folder when i carried out search. checked at all folders, it could do. today purchased your product.
One more question, however, is:
Why eM keeps popping up Connection error message when, probably, it does regular checking. the connection is correct i am sure. how to stop it ???
Junichi email address as before

As regards the connection errors, it may be caused by an antivirus or poor network connection. Post here Logs from the tab Operations please and I will advise you further.