In duplicate

Hello  , EM Client bugs since yesterday : I get all my emails in duplicate ! (In batches of 750 and more !!).  I am currently about to leave you for another courier but I still ask for your help ; if you help me solve my problem, I will stay  :slight_smile: . I haven’t done any action on my computer or on Em Client in the last few days (so no simple explanations…) and I have only one email account .
Thank you . Sincerely

After cleaning with 360 Total Security , this is what I’ve seen (see document) .

This shows that there must be a second eMClient ‘shadow’ account, but where…?

All what I can say is that  I had to log into my Google Play account on my computer and on my Android on February 5th  , and change my password too ( because of problems with Google Play ).

The problems into eMClient  began 3 days later … strange
![]( ____2_comptesquestion Capture_inline.PNG?1549879894)