improve search function in this forum

Normally when I enter more text in a search field, less items should come up as search candidates.
But in this forum that doesn’t work: the more text I enter in the search field (in the hope to find the right post), the more posts are shown.
This prevents me from searching for a specific post.

Hi, I’m not satisfied with the search feature either, but I’m afraid there’s not much that could be done about this, as we’re using a system that’s not developed by our company.
Again I’ll try to forward your idea on improving this.

Thank you,

But even ‘Get Satisfaction’, your forum software supplier, should know that searching normally works as follows:

    the more text I enter in a search field, the less results will be shown.

If ‘Get Satisfaction’ does not know this, please advise them to use Google or Bing to see how it works there.

Like it’s working now, I’m not ‘getting satisfaction’ :slight_smile: