Improve Calendar Printing

Hi, tried the eM Client it’s a wonderful software, but ia think it “fails” in an important task, for me. When I print a Calendar in month view where there are lots of appointment in a specific day, eM Client do not print all the events, but only enough to fullfill the space it calculated.

days in Month View are space limited so there is no way how to guarantee that all events will be printed. If you have many events in one day you will have to print your events in the different view.

Thank for your reply, I’m sorry my comment should have been an Idea and not a Praise but I di something wrong, by the way briefly testing eM Client is a great program.
But I am looking for something that can make me sure to print everything of my busy calendar.
Also I wil keep tracking eM Client.

Have you tried printing Agenda?

Yes, Agenda works, but that’s not what I need.

My team have lots of multiple days spanning events to manage, and only with month view we can get the right idea of what’s going on.

Thanks again for your reply.