Improper shutdown during sleep; Win10

I used emClient on Win7 for years and it worked well. Just bought a Surface Pro 3/Win10. When it goes to sleep, emClient closes improperly. It will reopen without error but only after checking database because of improper shutdown. This happens even if I close emClient before sleep, and set it not to launch on startup.
For an unrelated reason, I had to exchange my SP3 for a new one, and freshly installed emClient has the exact same problem on the 2nd pc.
On both pc’s after installing emClient, on sleep (manual or auto) the pc almost immediately wakes back up, but eventually will go back to sleep. After uninstalling emClient, this wake up issue goes away.
Is this a Win10 compatibility issue for emClient? Any suggestions how to fix?

I tried using the MS Mail client but it’s too buggy with Gmail labels/sub folders.
Also tried going back to Outlook but then remembered why I left it – no sync of gmail contacts and calendar like emClient does. I would just cave and use Gmail online but I’m often away from internet access.

If no fix for this sleep/shutdown problem, any suggestions for another mail/cal/contact gmail client that’s Win10 friendly?