Improper Handling of Flag/Starred/Category Tags

(1) “Summary” folders like Flagged and Starred should list items from their ORIGINAL folder (Inbox, Sent, etc.) ONLY, but NOT their duplicates in GLOBAL folders (All Mail, Important, etc.). Reason: it’s dumb to list flagged/starred/etc. items multiple times in a summary folder.

(2) When the “Category” for an item is set, it should be persistent throughout all other folders in which the item appears. It’s frustrating to set it in Inbox, for example, and not see it in All Mail, Important, etc.

Please notify me when these are fixed, after which I’ll buy the program. Otherwise, I’m going back to Thunderbird because the sloppiness is just too much for a retired software developer…

Add the “Agenda” sidebar summary (and any other summary folders) to “(1)” above.
The Category descriptions are randomly dropped from the Starred folder. The ORIGINAL record should be ACCURATELY listed in ALL summary folders.

Actually, we cannot handle the Gmail labels in any other way at the moment. Can you please tell me how Thunderbird does it?

Not sure what you mean. Thunderbird uses Gmail’s labels directly whereas emClient links its “Flag” to Gmail’s “Starred” column/field. Gmail doesn’t list its columns/fields, but I assume they provide a “Category” equivalent. emClient and Thunderbird use different Category values.

Duplicates listed in summary folders can be eliminated by not including items from global folders such as “All Mail”.

While looking into Gmail’s structure, I noticed that all but two emails with Starred flags are stored in Gmail’s “Starred” folder, but those two are in a separate “[Imap]/Starred” folder. I don’t recall which ones were disappearing.

Hope this helps.

OK, thank you - we will consider it.

Also noticed that when setting the Flag and Category in a source folder, then switching to the Starred folder, the Flag is set but Category is blank. Another bug to address…

Technically, it is a different copy of the same email but we will try to fix it.