Impossible to set a standard account.

I have 2 e-mail account of which I want to make one the my standard account. It does not work. I get an error message "Impossible to set a standard account. Standard account is required to be able to activate mail services. I have no problem recieving mail. Can anyone help. Best regards Marije

In order for an account to be set as default, it needs to have both incoming and outgoing protocols. So both IMAP and SMTP, or both POP3 and SMTP.

You should be able to see what you have by the tabs for each account, or in the Services section of that window.

Hai Gary,
Thank yoy for your reply. (I hope my English is good enough to understand)
I checked and there are only three tabs: General, Pop3 ans Diagnoses. No SMTP.
Do you what to do?

Hi Marije. Your English is fine to solve this problem.

There should be an SMTP tab, otherwise you will not be able to send email. That is also why you cannot set the account as default.

If you have the SMTP option in Services as in my graphic above, make sure it is ticked.

Hai Gary,

There is no tab SMTP. I made en print screen. What to do?

If you scroll down further below Kopieën, is there no option to select SMTP?

If that option is not there then the account was not setup correctly. In which case you can’t set it as the default account.

There is no SMTP to find anywhere.
I can not send emails then.
Well than I have to remove emClient and find another email programm.
Thank you!

Or you can remove the account and set it up again properly.