Impossible to reply to some e-mails

Hi Everyone,

this is my first entry in the forum so thank you in advance for your help and your patience…
I installed Em Client last week and it’s really great except for one tiny issue : when I try to answer some e-mails (it seems kinf of random to me), I get this message :

Is this familiar to someone ?

Do these emails have something in common, like having an attachment for example? I’m not a power user but some users in this forum are far more knowledgeable and might help you. Meanwhile, could you try the following?

  1. Could you connect to your mail server using a web interface? Are these emails present in your inbox and can you reply to them?
  2. If you look in Menu > Operations, do you see any IMAP errors in the Log tab (if you use IMAP of course).
  3. Have you considered disabling your antivirus/firewall application, then restarting eM Client? Maybe your AV/firewall are blocking some emails for some reason.