Impossibility to send email due to account


I have a problem: I receive emails but I cannot send them. When I try it says that there’s no account set up.

I have created an account and activated it since 10/5/2013. I just changed my computer, so I installed the free version (I have version 7.1.30719.0) on the new computer and activated again the old key => Doesn’t work.

I created a new account and received a new key that I activated => Doesn’t work.

When I click on the button to create a new email, I can see “no account” next to the send button.

I really don’t know what to do. Can you please help?

(of course I can see the account in the menu > tools > account tab)


OK just to let anyone know if this problem appears to somebody else, I solved the problem. For a reason that I don’t understand, I had to change the SMTP set-up in my internet provider’s configuration to allow SMTP authentication, as if I was using the SMTP servers of my provider but from another provider. So my provider is now asking a user and a password, while before it wasn’t.

This configuration was not needed in the previous version.