Importing Rules from WLM

Is it possible to import rules from Windows Live Mail? I am duplicating my WLM folder structure in eM Client, and would like to apply the same rules I had in WLM for future emails.

I am in the same position. Tried to duplicate the WLM settings in eM Client and it does not work. having all sorts of other problems as well. Very disappointed with the app.

I saw eM Client’s reply to a similar question about importing rules from Outlook; it can’t be done.
So I opened WLM and went to the rules and wrote them all down (why no way to copy them? MS?) then in eM Client entered them all in manually. Turns out eM Client rules need complete email addresses when doing “If from xxx move to folder yyy”, WLM’s “contains” does not work. So I had to make some modifications and additions to the rules.
At the end it was worth it. I have a nicely working installation of eM Client checking my Gmail and Hotmail accounts, all my mail that was in WLM (20 years worth, over 150,000 emails) has been imported and filed in my old folder structure and I’m back in business.
Microsoft’s decision to COMPLETELY end WLM (you can’t even get the installer to repair your existing installation!) made me look for an alternative. A few days in, I’m very happy with the free version of eM Client.