Importing outlook accounts in any eM Client version

I am testing the free license on my netbook, and a demo licanse on my desktop. neither one allows importing an outlook email account. (greyed out) The demo says it is fully Pro functional. Is importing full account info (not just .PST) implemented in any version?

Yes it is implemented both in Free and in the PRO version. It can be caused by missing PST file. Please check if you have set any account in Outlook.

Thanks for your reply.
The outlook account and associated PST is on another computer on the network, which I can navigate to. Why would emclient require a PST or account before navigating to the location of the PST or account? Is this a limitation of emclient? If so, can network import access to Outlook accounts possibly be implemented in a later release?

I added it to our feature request list.

It is impossible to import account information without having access to Windows Registry. We can theoretically attach registry file (ntuser.dat) from other computer and read the information from there. However, we do NOT plan to implement that since it covers only unusual scenario and not a standard migration path from one email client to another.

I find it hard to understand the concept of it’s being an unusual scenario to migrate Outlook account data across the network. Your current import process requires installing the outlook program with data to the destination PC in order to then import Outlook data into eM Client, and then to delete Outlook. This doesn’t seem to be a realistic scenario… Or have I have missed something?