Importing old Local Folders after Windows upgrade

I have just upgraded from Windows 7 to 10. I have reinstalled e mail client and can see the e-mails held on the server (I am using IMAP). However the local folders (old emails) are not there. I have tried to import then (from File - Import-) using both eml files and e Mail Client 6 . I can “see” the local folders under App Data/Roaming/e Mail client/Local Folders and can select them and move them (for now) to the Inbox. It says it is transferring - but only for a second - but nothing appears . Can anyone advise me what I am doing wrong? Many thanks in anticipation

Just an update on my post from yesterday. I still have the problem. There seems to be two ways to import - either File- Import- Import from EM Client 6 or File-Import-Import from folder with .eml files. The first suggest the pathway, the second doesn’t. I have looked in file explorer at the file sizes and what I want to restore appears to be in C/Users/Myname/AppData/Roaming/eM Client/Local Folders. It is a 4GB file (which must be the right size for several years of saved (and important) e-mails) and is in the format : mail_data.dat. I can’t however import it. When I do the import it works but only briefly and all it imports is the folder headings, not the content . Can anyone please advise as it is driving me mad.


Hello Bryan,
when you reinstalled, do you mean you upgraded from eM Client v6 to version 7?
What version are you currently running? Go to Help>About to see the full version number.


Hello Olivia. 
Thanks for getting back to me. I am now running version 7. I can’t recall what I was running before (I have been using e M Client for about 2 years I think).
The compressed mail.dat files are in a folder that was saved under “Windows.old” when I upgraded from 7 to 10. I have tried copying that to the folder where I believe they should be held but the restore facility does not find them or puts out an error message. 
Strangely when I check to see where the storage is it tells me: C:\Windows.old\Users(my name).bliss. That does not sound right.
Any help you can give would be appreciated.