IMPORTING GROUPS/CATEGORIES from WinLiveMail (Win10) I’ve hated WindowsLiveMail for years, but want to be sure of several things before I switch. 1. Will eMClient import my groups and categories easily? I teach, and have a separate group/category for each class, a running total of over 200 groups. VERY important that eMclient will import them correctly. (When I got a new computer recently, even my tech guy had trouble finding the groups to import into the very same (but updated to Win10) program.) 2. What is eMC’s capability of using settings so that the program immediately and automatically funnels certain addresses/domains into either their own groups/ categories, or into Junk Mail or Blocked Addresses? 3. I often send the same group email to the 500 students on my list, but in WinLiveMail I must do it to only 100 people at a time, or it crashes. How many at once can eMC handle? Thanks so much for your time, JEI

Excellent Question and my same concerns are duplicated here.  Wonder why not answered?

Sorry Jerome, I guess nobody was interested in answering Joan’s questions. Let me give it a go.

  1. eM Client does not import groups or categories from WLM. One solution is to move each group or category to a separate folder in WLM before you import, then the imported data will be separated in eM Client. You will have to create categories to match and apply them to each folder before combining them again in eM Client, but it is much easier than going through the Inbox one message at a time and assigning categories.

  2. eM Client can funnel messages to specific folders, or assign categories based an many criteria using Rules. This is much like filters in Thunderbird. Two of the Rules that are automatically setup are Spam filter and Blacklist. You can use these for customizing and automatically filtering junk messages.

 3. Sending group messages is only limited by your email provider. eM Client does not limit how many recipients you can have in a message. There are also some handy features of eM Client like mass mail and distribution lists that will help customize the sent messages and make group mailing easier.

You can find out more about any of these features in the Help File (F1), or asking specific questions on this forum.