Importing from Thunderbird 3.1

Tried to import about 30,000 emails from TB 3.1.10 today. It imported most of them but apparently got confused. It showed a counter during importing that showed x/64xxx (64 thousand total messages to be processed) when I only have about 30K emails in TB to be imported.

Additionally, when it finished there were two major issues:

  1. Everything was imported into the Inbox. No folders were created even though the email came from about a dozen folders in TB.
  2. Several hundred emails were improperly created in eM. The sender was “nobody@invalid.invalid” and those messages appeared to be “split” – that is, each message only contained a portion of the original. Sometimes the beginning, sometimes the end, sometimes only one line of the original.

I’m sorry to read that. Write me an email to so we can try to resolve the issue.