Importing from Apple Mail

I can’t find any mention on the site of compatibility with Apple Mail. Can eM Client import all local mailboxes from existing Apple Mail client installations? I already know that it will import all mail on the server of an IMAP account. I’m concerned about losing the local only mailboxes on my Mac that are no longer on the server.

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It looks like you didn’t get an answer to the question that brought me here… If you have solved it yourself, please share. Thanks

Go to File > Import > Mail

On the next window you can choose whole accounts or just selected folders.

You will also need to give eM Client full disk access to do the import, but there is a button there to do that.

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I went there but I didn’t see Mail or Apple Mail among the applications to select.
But as I stared at the window again following your answer, I finally understood that the name of the Mail app had been translated into French (Courrier), which is very odd. I’ve never seen app names translated in a localization.
Thank you for your reply, I hope I can manage now.