Importing from another PC

I downloaded your client free version and I like it very much.
I’d like to purchase your eM Client, but I’ve this kind of problem:
I’ve to install the client into a new computer importing all feature of Winmail resident into another old one. I’ve to transport all: accounts (18), folders struttucture (285…it’s important to maintain the same structure), messages (about 95000).
Is it possible?

I’m not sure if there’s an actual issue with the import or if it’s just a general question.
There’s no reason for why this shouldn’t work, but if there’s an actual issue with the import we’ll be happy to resolve it.

Thank you,

I find the import from WinMail request this is installed on the same pc. Is it the only possibility?

Hi again,
not sure right now from what application are you trying to export your data from,
if you’re using windows 8 default mail application it’s not possible to export any data from that application.

But if you’re using Windows Mail or Windows Live Mail application you should be able to import all your data, but yes as you mentioned you have to be on the same computer.

If you want to export your data to a different computer you might be able to do a little workaround - import your data on the same computer and export .xml file from eM Client which you can use on any computer.

Hopefully this message isn’t too long and is helpful,

Hi Paul,
you’re right, I want to export from one pc to another. So, I’d to install the client into the first one, then export from this to the other one.
When you say export .xml file, this activity include all things accounts (18), folders struttucture (285…it’s important to maintain the same structure), messages (about 95000) ?

no sorry about that, that would only export your email settings.
If you want to transfer all of your data including emails, folders, etc. the best way to do this is to go to your local folder and show hidden folders.

There should be a folder called “App Data”,
go to App Data > Roaming, and copy the whole folder called “eM Client”, if you copy this onto the same place on your other computer, eM Client should automatically load all the data from your previous computer.


is there something that can cause problems with these volumes?

no, there are no known issues with transfering a large volume database.
Only keep in mind to have enough space for the folder on your computer and a large enough medium that you’ll be transfering your data on.


OK. Thank you very much for your attention.

No problem,
if you have any other issues or questions, check back with us and we’ll be happy to resolve them.