Importing EmClient database from another computer

Hello everyone,
After trying to update EMClient with a new up-date on (WIndows 10) Computer “A”, my EMClient is now corrupted. There is an error message when I try to run it and, worse, I cannot uninstall EMClient or restore it (to a Windows Restore Point).
Because this installation, the corrupt one, has a lot of older data on it, I want to import all the data from this computer, Computer A, to another computer, Computer “B”, where EMClient is working fine (but doesn’t have the older data that is on Computer A.)
Both clients are exactly the same, version 9.
I have no Backups to restore from.

How can I import this older data from Computer A to Computer B, without risking corrupting the data on computer B as well?
Is it a simple matter of moving the new data folders on Computer B (App data/Roaming/EMClient… etc) using Windows Explorer to a safe location, then copying the folders from Computer A over to the same path on Computer B, then try starting up the client on Computer B? … and reversing the process if this fails?

Thank you for your advice.


If the database on A is corrupt, there is probably nothing you can do with it.

But it really depends on what the database repair errors detail says.

Thanks for replying Gary.