Importing Emails from Windows Mail Vista

I have a new Windows 10 computer on the way and will need to move my Windows Mail Vista messages over to Windows 10.  Windows 10 does not support Windows Mail so plan to move to EM Client. 
Would I be best off to download eM Client to the Vista computer, import all my messages, etc and then move it to the Windows 10 computer?

My fear is that if I don’t move everything to eM Client on Vista there will be nothing there to import when I move to the new computer since Windows 10 doesn’t support Windows Mail so it won’t move over.

Hello dblgoat,

We would recommend installing eM Client on the old computer, importing all your messages, then creating an eM Client backup and restoring it in eM Client on the new laptop.

Please let us know how it went.


Thanks Maurice,

Step one is complete.   I downloaded eM Client to my Vista PC and everything went well including the importing of my local Windows Mail Folders and contacts – I just followed the instructions–simple as could be.   The longer folder names were cut off, but easy to fix and sub-folders imported as individual folders rather than in their parent folder–again easy to fix.  Everything imported under my mail account heading ( so I just moved it all over to “local folders.”  Hope this is OK for the second phase of moving to Windows 10. 

I’m really loving eM Client compared to Windows Mail!!!  Much more functionality while maintaining simplicity.

When I move everything over to my new Windows 10 computer I’m assuming I’ll do a fresh eM Client download then just restore from the database–
C:\Users%Current User%\AppData\Roaming\eM Client.  Does that sound right?

Thanks Again,

Hello dblgoat,

Thank you for the positive feedback, we’re glad to hear you’re happy with eM Client.

The most reliable way of going about it is installing eM Client on your new computer, going to Menu -> File -> ‘Backup…’ on your old computer, moving the file ‘’ that it creates to your new computer and then importing it through Menu -> File -> ‘Restore…’