Importing Email Account and Old Emails From Desktop PC to Laptop

I am planning to install eM Client on my new Windows 10 laptop and set up my BT Yahoo! email account on it. I am currently using Windows Live Mail 2011 on my NON-WI-FI Windows 7 desktop PC to access my email account and would like also to have my old emails (of which there is a total of about 8,000!) on eM Client on the laptop. Is this possible? If so, how do I do it? Would it involve transferring files via a USB flash drive? (Windows Live Mail does have ‘Export email: Email messages’ and ‘Export email: Account’ options.) I think the desktop is the only place where the old emails are stored; I don’t think they are stored on the BT Yahoo! server. Thanks.

Yes, this is doable.

  1. Install eM Client on your Desktop PC and import the data from WLM. You will either be offered the import after installation, or you can do it through Menu > File > Import > WLM.

  2. Do a backup in eM Client using Menu > File > Backup. That will save a zipped file to Documents/eM Client directory. Copy the zipped file to a USB.

  3. Install eM Client on your laptop. After installation, plug in the USB and restore the backup using Menu > File > Restore.

Thanks for your prompt reply.