Importing data from Outlook 2010 and

I have about 25gb of mail in my Outlook PST and another 10gb on various gmail & hotmail accounts. I need to import all my mails from my outlook account as well as all mails on my gmail and hotmail account into eM Client and ensure no duplicates for emails. Is this possible?

I also have a couple of PST accounts that i have created over the past 10 years and need to import all these into eM and ensure no duplicates for emails and contacts.

Is this possible with either the free of paid account?


yes this is possible, however the free account is only supporting two email accounts, for more (unlimited) accounts you have to purchase the PRO license.
Anyways there should be no issues with importing this data not even with the volume you’re mentioning.

Note: if you download the application you have 30days of the full version without the support that only comes with the purchase, after the trial period you can only use two mail accounts.