Importing CSV to Contacts

I’ve exported Access 2010 Contacts table to a .csv.Importing it into emclient is strait forward except for one thing.
When assigning the phone number the what choice should I use?
Some phone numbers are home some are mobile and others are work
What will the column heard be if I simple select ‘Phone’ and no particular type?.


If you have three separate columns in you CSV then there is no problem. Just assign each one; mobile, work, home. If you only have one, just select phone (as you have suggested) and you get a non categorized phone field.

I see now.
I only Have 1 column for the phone.
But, I can’t find a available column to display the phone number in 'Phone List.'Unles I go and edit each and the phone number field assignment.

Do you mean you can’t see a column of phone numbers in the import dialogue, or you can’t select which field from the drop-down to import them into?

No. After I import, and if I use only ‘Phone’ for the phone field and view ‘Phone List’ There isn’t a field for it such as 'Home Phone, ‘Mobile Phone’.

You are correct, it does not show up in the phone list.

Either you need to select the phone number as work or home when you import

or go through each contact and select the category of the phone number by clicking on the space next to the phone number (see below) afterwards.

Yes, I could do that.
I found it easier simply to select ‘Home Phone’ during import.
Wouldn’t be bad if one would be able to edit the column header text.

But, all-in-all I find em client a very good product.

You can customize the columns, but unfortunately phone on it’s own is not an option.