Importing contacts as csv file.

I recently changed from Win Live Mail to eM Client. Before the change, I save my Live Mail contacts as a csv file to my hard drive. I was able to import the contact list successfully in to eM Client, but now every contact’s email address is listed as a phone number. Therefore, when I try to send an email it fails and I get the message, “improper email address format”. I tried to open Live Mail to resave a new contact list, but since I installed eM Client, it won’t open.

I don’t know if you have figured this out yet, but perhaps this will help. I would guess that, when you imported the csv file you did not have the sequential fields aligned, i.e. first name to first name, phone number to phone number etc… I would suggest that you delete all entries in your corrupt eM Client Contact list and then re-import the CSV file (you can use the same one you previously imported). When you re-import be sure that you specify at the top of each column what the field is eg. First name, Last Name, etc. etc… If this is not clear, let me know.

Thanks for the reply.  I have resolved the issue.  I went back and looked in the folder that I imported the csv files from.  I noticed that when I saved those csv files, I also saved the same contact list as vcf files.  Same data, just saved in a different format.  I deleted the cvs entries in eM Client then I imported the vcf files.  All the fields and data loaded perfectly.  All is good.  Thanks again.