Importing choice

I have LOADS of aliases and quite a few mailboxes and your importer got flooded by the HUGE import and the reason I was ‘forced’ to import all, was that in the import tool, you actually did not add the basics!
i.e. Select all, De-select all.

I have LOADS to import and wanted to see how it behaved with this load.

I went to import a few only and they are all PRE-selected and CANNOT DE-select all at once!
I am mean that is 1980s right?

It will take me ages to manually deselect all and then select a few!

By the way, my computer is FAST and there is plenty of memory too and your program [while attempting import] was using only ~300kb and then went up an up to nearly 2Gb - then I left it alone!


PS why do you use LIGHT Orange on a white background o your Community pages?
It is unreadable.

Just adding an import link ‘within’ each account Settings would have solved it straight away!

You did not say from which email client you are importing. More details may enable someone to reply with a solution. :slight_smile:

The colors on the forum seem to be OK and are in keeping with the product identity. If your monitor is not correctly calibrated, you may have some difficulty though. Visit this site and see if calibrating makes any difference.