Importing after a crash

can not merge my old data “email, contacts” after a computer crash. I do not have a backup with your program. All I have is the raw data. I was using eM Client before the crash. How do Get my old info into the current program?

Hi, you can try copy your database “eM Client” folder into its original place but this is not supported way and most likely will result in broken database.


Have tried to no avail. All I get is error messages trying to repair my data base. Then the eMail Client will crash. I have important email that I need to open after the crash. With other eMail programs your just lay the info in the right place and everything is fine. I have always back up my email program with Carbonite, and never had a problem restoring my information. I was trying your program and did not realize that you had a backup option. I am using that option now.

what is written in that error, first about 15 rows will be enough if you can copy/paste them here.


I do not remember The program would try to fix the database then crash. It would ask me if I wish to repair the the list, I would try it then it would crash.
I am running eMail Client now with no problems. I have a saved file from Carbonite in the roaming section for my old eMail Client.

Then it was broken database, do you have all data now synchronized from the server?


I am running email client now as my email program. I receive and sent email on a daily bases. I do a back-up every day with your program of my email that I want to save.
I have the old “root” from carbonite with my address book and saved messages that I need. I need to merge the two data’s base or just list the old email with their folders in the a new section of your program. I was able to take some of the old message form “Thunderbird” and import them to your program then moved the messages to their new location by making new folders with your program.

from the above I’m not sure if I understand the issue, do you have a database that you need to merge with another one, or what exactly is the issue?

Thank you for clearing it up,

I have a copy (read emails and folders of emails) that your eMail Client program runs of, a live copy. It is not a backup copy. It is what I was using while the program was running when the crash accorded. Did not know about your backup feature at the time. The backup program “Carbonite” backup the live or working copy of eMail Client.

Hi, I’m sorry for the late reply, well if carbonite backed up the eM Client folder in App Data before the crash you might be able to still use, but if you already tried it and the crash occurred again, I’m afraid there’s not much to do.

Now I don’t know if you’ve tried using the carbonite backed up data, you should be able to see it in your backed up local folder > App Data > eM client, copy this folder to the same directory (but rename the current one, so all your current data stays where it supposed to be).

Note that the “App Data” folder is a hidden folder so you have to show hidden items first.

Thank you for your patience,