Imported Themes Crash Mac Version


I am trying the Pro version for Mac to consider for purchase. Every time I try to import a theme, it crashes when attempting to apply the theme. Restarting the app after the crash, the theme is not applied. Even if I export a standard theme and re-import it, it crashes when attempting to apply it.

I tried the same theme files on a Windows installation, and it imports and applies correctly without crashing the program. I tried re-installing the Mac version and rebooting after installation. Nothing prevents the Mac app from crashing when applying an imported theme - whether from a standard theme or a custom theme.

I have the latest Big Sur and eM Client versions.

Any help is appreciated.

Are you using the same version on the Mac and the PC?

I think themes created in 8.1 on the PC may not be compatible with 8.0 on the Mac.

That is a good thought. Thank you for the idea and response. However within the Mac version itself, I have exported a standard theme and reimported it (with and without changes). It still freezes up the app. At this point, I cannot even check the version of the Mac app (Windows is 8.1.876). The Mac app is 8.0.3494. But since I tried importing from a template only created on the Mac with it still freezing, I don’t think the version difference is the issue. Thank you again for your thoughts.