Imported my TONS of email from WIndows Live Mail. One of the folders locks up eM Client whenever I click on it.

I imported many years worth of email from Windows Live Mail.  I’ve noticed a couple things:
1.  Everything imported is marked as unread.  Which is annoying.  But I’m dealing with it. Currently, I have about 23,000 unread emails.  Unfortunately, when I right-click on a folder and choose mark all as read, nothing happens. Which is further irritating.

2.  I have a folder under “Local Folders->Deleted Items” called “Important”.  Probably a folder I deleted a long time ago. Whenever I click on that folder to delete it (or mark it’s message read), eM Client locks up.  I’ve left eM Client running for over an hour in this state to see if it ever recovers. It doesn’t.  I have generated a crash dmp file of the process should anyone want to see it.

Anyone else have these types of issues?
eM Client version: 7.1.30794.0

Concerning point 2.

I have experienced some strange behaviour creating and deleting local folders. Sometimes when you create a new sub-folder it does not appear. It will appear in context menus, like copy to folder, but in the tree it is missing unless you restart eM Client. Similarly, a deleted folder may still be visible after you delete it. It is not visible in context menus, will freeze eM Client if you try to click on it in the tree, and will disappear after restart.