Imported more thatn 2 gig of emails, error messages will not stop

I downloaded em client just so I could import .eml files (and to avoid using Mail in Windows 10). I tried to import about 20,000 emails but they were about 3 gig. I did not realize I only had a 2 gig limit. Now, I just get an Operations Box listing each subsequent email over 2 gig as an error. This lasts for a few minutes and then em client freezes. When I get an email message from someone, it bounces back saying the mailbox is above quota. I have gone so far as resetting my computer to factory settings, but when I download em client and open it, the same Operations box with the errors being listed comes up and then it freezes. Any idea how I can fix this and then (or maybe first) delete the email from the email folder that would be over 2 gigs. Any help would be appreciated.

So the limit is with your email provider. You will have to discuss changing that with them.

What you can do in the mean time is import the emls to Local Folders so that they are in eM Client, but not uploaded to your provider. 

eM Client is still waiting to upload the remaining messages, so the best option now is to remove the database and start again. With eM Client closed, delete the C:\Users_yourusername_\AppData\Roaming\eM Client folder. You may need to enable hidden items in Windows Explorer to get there. When you restart eM Client, you will have an empty database. Setup your accounts and then go to Menu > Tools > Settings > General and select Show Local Folders.

When importing the emls, put them in Local Folders. This means they will not be synced with the server. You will also need to do some housekeeping on your IMAP folders to remove all those messages you have already uploaded. When you have arranged a higher limit with your provider, you can move the messages from Local Folders to the IMAP folders.