Imported from .PST with non english (Arabic) subject lines are showing correctly

I am using eM Client 6.0.23421.0 over Windows XP Service Pack 3, My problem is for the emails imported from .PST with non english (Arabic) subject lines are showing correctly, its not coming correctly. But all new emails its showing correct Arabic, Please support me for this

Hi Renji,
unfortunately we have no way to test Arabic PST at the moment, would you mind creating one that you could send us + add the incorrectly imported eml files of some of the emails and send it to Please include a link to this forum topic in the body of the message.


Thank you Olivia,  I send you a sample PST that you can import and see it.  The problem in subject line only, body of email showing correctly.  This problem used to be in Outlook also that time we need to make setting non unicode language to Arabic  in regional setting at control panel, then it will be solved.  But eMclient not accepting this settings.