Imported email accounts from windows to mac version do not work

I have a PRO version with paid licence for 2 computers. First I had been using on a windows computer for approx. 1,5 years with multiple email accounts and without issues. Recently I downloaded Mac version to use it with the licence for the 2nd computer. I imported all the settings from windows version. So far I can only send email messages but I can not receive any, it did not even synced any messages from the server. It does not complain about wrong password or so, and diagnostics in account setting shows all is fine. However when I attempt to download new messages nothing happens and if I check for errors, it says that the connection with server could not be established as it could be temporarily down or the settings may be incorrect.  I tried to add account and enter all settings manually too, but with the same result. Btw. after the import only my gmail account worked but non of our corporate emails. Simply, what worked on a windows version does not work on Mac. Must be a bug in a Mac version imho:-(

Hi Jan,

Rather than writing here, you may have more luck opening a ticket.
Since you  have a Pro license go to Support for pro users.

Submit  bugs or suggestions can also be made via
[email protected]

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Peter E.

Thanks for your reply. It is all good now. The problem was caused by settings of Avast antivirus…

Thanks for the feedback/

Just typical. Believe it or not, my biggest enemies are OS updates en AV programs…