Imported contacts not displayed in Contacts list

I should be grateful for your advice and guidance on the following problem.
I have started using the free eMclient on my WINDOWS 7 (64bit) PC.
I tried a number of times to import my contacts list from a “CSV” file and after configuring the columns, I execute the importation and a window displayed ’ successfully imported 165 entries’.
However the Contacts list on the programme remains blank every time. 
I have tried importing seven times without success. I also searched under “Users” for a relative file but I only found ‘.dat’ files that I could not access. Unfortunately, I do not have any other resource for contacts except this CSV file, originally imported from another email client.
Would you kindly advise me whether this recurring fault can be corrected.Thank you for your kind attention and look forward to your solution.

Hi Manni,

Do you see a ‘contacts’ group under ‘local folders’ in your ‘contacts’ panel?

Is that ‘contacts’ group checked?

screen shot:

No, I used to have a ‘Contacts’ group but it’s disappeared

Thank you for your prompt reply. I had seen that reply in FAQs but it does not apply to my problem. I do not have any check boxes nor any reference to Local folders or Contacts as shown in your screen capture. The word ‘Contacts’ without a check box appears at the bottom of the left hand panel and also at the edge of the right hand panel -also without a check box.
I have tried to attach two screen shots for easy reference but they would not copy to this window.
Kindly advise a possible solution to my problem. I have also un-installed Email client and re-installed it twice over, with identical results.
Sincere apologies for the hassle.  Looking forward to your reply.

Best regards

Manni Spiteri - Malta

Hi Manni, could you please create a screenshot just as Hans did above?
Also try to enable your local folders in Tools > Settings > General, and enable the option “Show local folders”.

Hope this helps,