Imported account from WLM not showing up in main eM Client window

I imported my main account from WLM 2012 (POP3) to eM Client on my Windows 10 machine using the eMC import wizard. The account now shows up in eMC under Tools > Accounts, including all the right settings, but it doesn’t appear in the main eMC interface window – no name of the account, no emails, no nothing. I’ve tried doing this several times with the same result.

Then, when I close eMC and reopen it, it starts loading 4 years of emails from my ISP’s email server, which is what I didn’t want to happen because I had already dealt with these emails in WLM, deleting many, filing  some in archive folders, etc. Also, it is loading the emails into the “Local Folders” inbox because there is no account set up in the left-hand column of the main eMC page.

All I want to do is duplicate what I have in WLM – the same emails in the same folders, the same settings, etc.

Can anyone please help?