Important things request! Photo view, Case sensitive search and Export vcards

Dear developers, I have several requests:

  1. Please add export to vcard from eMClient.
  2. Please make a view of contact’s photo larger or sizable (I mean in preview window and in visit cards and in floating windows in side panel (sidebar)). I have many large photos in 480x800 and a little inconvenient to see them in little thumbnails.
  3. It’s hard to search only case sensitive. Maybe make the search case insensitive?


  1. Now, you can export contacts to *.vcf file by selecting contacts you want to export and drag and drop (or ctrl+c and ctr+v) to your desktop (for example). This option will be also added to export dialog in some of the future updates.
  2. I will add this request to our Feature Requests List.
  3. Most of the searches should be case insensitive. Which particular searches are case sensitive and you would like them to be insensitive?

Unfortunately, export to vcard doesn’t work correctly. All exported vcards are not readable by phone. Fix it please. Quoted-printable encoding doesn’t work. Exported vcards 4.0 version (my HTC HD2 exported 2.1 version). My encoding is quoted printable, charset - UTF-8

I don’t like case sensitive search in contact list and in chat window. If possible - make it case insensitive. Thanx

We are implementing support for vcards version 3.0. I’m sorry but version 2.0 probably won’t be supported.

Search in Contacts and Chat looks case insensitive to me. But it doesn’t work for non ASCII characters (it is case sensitive). Could you send us string of characters where it doesn’t work?

Dear Milos, I reply your letter with several pics, that subscribes my troubles and requests.