Import WLM Storage Folders into EMC

I am trying to migrate from Windows Live Mail (WLM) to eM Client.

eM Client offers to import from WLM but it imports only accounts.

In WLM I have some 5000 emails organized in Storage Folders. They are not imported by default.
Is there a way to import all emails from WLM Storage Folders to eM Client’s Local Folders, keeping the subfolder structure?

Thank you.

The only way I could do it was by dragging and dropping emails from WLM to a folder and then again dragging and dropping from the folder to eMC.

Hi Armand,
I’m afraid that if they don’t sync by default, other than the drag&drop option or using an export to .eml and then import them to eM Client there is no other way to get those storage emails.

Best regards,