Import Thunderbird Settings

Is there a (easy) way to import my settings from Mozilla Thunderbird? I can export the TBird address book in 3 formats: LDIF (Whatever that is); Comma Separated (Excel); Tab Delimited (Really messy looking). How about mail and folders? This issue will likely keep me from using em Client.

eM Client is not able to import from LDIF format. However there is a very easy online tool that is able to convert LDIF format to vCard format, which eM Client is familiar with. You can find this tool here:
When you’ll finish the conversion, just drag and drop (or select import in main menu or use ctrl-c ctrl-v) VCF file to a contact folder in eM Client.

Thanks Michal. This worked. However, after installing and fighting to get the settings right, for several hours, I never did get it to connect. Also not crazy about the UI, which would take lots of getting used to. Uninstalled it today. Thanks again anyway.

with vcf we loose all the folders of different addresses…it is a major setback for such a nice program… will have to let it go…sorry folks

Whhn I moved from XP to windows 7 I had to let go Outlook Express, my favourite for years, ghad to resort to Thunberdird less than ideal but…acceptable all because of the folders into which I built more than 35000 addresses…unless manufacturers think of this it is no good making these wonderful email programs…

I only got a white screen after submitting the file. This happens with explorer and firefox. Maybe somebody knows the problem?