Import Thunderbird from a folder not on appdata

I have problem with TB and wanted to try eM.
I have my TB folders not on Appdata folder on C but on TB created folder on D. This because when windows had crashed once reinstalled TB overwriting all the folders with new one.
Also its easier to backup and find where the emails are instead of all the neverending to find the folder.
Anyway how can I get the emails. It got some and others did not.

So all your TB folders are on D: and not all of them were imported into eM Client? Am I understanding this correctly?

Some where and some werent. I tried to go by folder but it doesn’t give me the possibility to go on the folders it just lists the ones that are in the appdata standard folder. I believe non were actually imported just that some have server copies and were downloaded by the server (like gmail account).

Nevermind I’m not going to use it. Not flexible as I believe it was.