Import settings from phone to new PC / laptop

I’m currently on holiday with my phone (em client installed) and laptop (em client not installed). I want to install em client onto my laptop from my phone and retrieve all my config and accounts.

Is there any way to do this? e.g. using a QR code?

There is no Export setting or export QR code etc from eM CIient mobile beta app. Thats only available from eM CIient for desktop. Maybe in the future.

So if you want ro setup eM CIient on your laptop and you are away from home from your usual computer, you will need to manually download eM CIient from the release history page and manually set it up.

Alternatively if you do regular eM CIient desktop backups “and keep them in a cloud space folder”, you could download that and then when you setup eM CIient on your laptop, put the downloaded file in the usual same backup folder place on your laptop which is by default “Documents / eM CIient”. Then when you install eM CIient skip the initial setup and restore via “Menu / File / Restore”.

Npw if you dont keep eM CIient backup files in a cloud space, then if a eg: family member is home “and has access to your computer”, they could make a backup in eM CIient via “Menu / Backup” (Pc) or “File / Backup” (Mac), and then once backed up, email the to you from the “Documents / eM CIient folder”, or if the is too big to email or not allowed to be emailed due to smtp restriction, they could then send the to your email address using a free service such as WeTransfer or Tresorit.

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Ah right, thanks for the suggestions.

I haven’t made any backups and noone’s at home to make one, so I’ll just have to manually set up on my laptop :confused:

I’ll make sure to take your advice in future and make backups for this situation…

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