Import pst folder error


I get error:

“Error when preparing import: Object reference not set to an instance of an object.”

When importing a folder from a PST file. I’ve ran scanpst on the file and tried re-exporting it. It opens on in Outlook.

Any ideas or workarounds?


where exactly is the pst file? It seems to be saying it cannot reach it, like it is on a server it doesn’t have access to, or group policy is restricting it, or …

Can you move the pst file to you own documents folder and see if that helps?

Thanks for suggestion. The file is saved locally. I’ve even tried re-exporting the file and also copying a small number of emails to a new blank local pst file and I still get the issue.

I’ve found a workaround - I imported the PST file to a local folder and then copied across to the folders of the IMAP folders. The error message seems to be related to eMclient trying to import directly into a mail account folder. Hopefully eMclient can fix this.

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