import .pst calendar can't open attachments

i can’t open any attachments in my imported calender from .pst file
they all have the name attachment 1.bin attachment 2.bin etc etc

i know the attachment is a bit map picture but I can’t open it, i can’t open any of them.

mail is ok.
wos gan on?

what version of eM Client are you using? It should be already fixed. Anyway, send me one of the events saved as .ics at [email protected]. Thank you.

i use version 5.0.18025.0
it hasn’t been fixed
i imported calendar items only again from a .pst file and now have double entries but the attachments still can’t be opened, it’s still the same

the attachments are usually pictures or documents not invites etc.


I am sorry for this misunderstanding - I asked our developers and they told me that they are still working on the fix. Hope it will be finished soon.